Building Automation Systems

The modern data centre is a complex environment, and each facility is unique from a design point of view. A fully consultive approach to solution design is therefore of paramount importance in terms of achieving the optimal levels of efficiency and protection.


Metasys® Building Management

Partnering with Johnson Controls gives you access to our comprehensive suite of solutions and services including our Metasys® building management system, that drives performance and efficiency, protecting employees, customers and company reputation.

Johnson Controls´ Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software provides situational intelligence to support decision processes. It is a cost effective way to integrate existing legacy systems into a unified, state-of-the-art management and control system.

PSIM also helps customers maximise the value of the information collected by all data centre systems enabling improved security, processes and business continuity. PSIM enables the centralisation of disparate hardware systems.

energy usage, environment, cooling, equipment status, alerts, etc.
energy efficiency, power, space & equipment utilisation, reliability, service levels, optimisation, threats, etc.
service & maintenance, availability, capacity planning, asset lifecycle, change, energy efficiency, environment and all aspects of Data Centre operations.
Increased revenue

Reduced energy costs

Less disruptive service and maintenance.

Reduced labour and maintenance costs.

Increased system availability.

Increased safety and security