HVAC controls and equipment


Maintaining absolute control of the ambient temperature and ventilation in data centres is critical to the overall performance of the technology housed within. Security and resource requirements often lead to data centres being locked away out of sight which is not conducive to good ventilation. Internal temperatures at data centre facilities can be affected by highly variable or extreme external conditions.


Our history is steeped in HVAC technology and expertise. The company’s founder, college professor Warren Johnson, patented a bi-metal room thermostat in 1883, and two years later filed a patent for the first multi-zone thermostatic control system. Johnson’s system for temperature regulation was adopted worldwide for office buildings, schools, hospitals, and hotels – essentially any large building with multiple rooms that required temperature regulation. Things have moved on significantly of course, though Warren Johnson’s name will forever be associated with cutting edge HVAC solutions.

Johnson Controls’ proven, advanced technologies, including extensive HVAC solutions and a highly qualified team, strive to continuously improve data centre performance ensuring maximum uptime, regulatory compliance, technical scalability and future optimisation.