Integrated Security Systems

Trust is arguably the most valuable commodity in the multi-billion dollar data centre industry. It can take years of investment and hard work to build a trusted reputation for security, but only seconds to destroy it. The threats posed by terrorism, theft, sabotage, cyber-criminals and accidental damage are real.

Protection of a data centre provider's hardware, and the data itself, are reliant on a sophisticated, integrated, network of solutions.


Constant video surveillance
Our portfolio encompasses analogue, IP and hybrid video surveillance systems which can be seamlessly integrated into existing architectures to help deter and prevent crime. We provide best-in-class, flexible and cost-effective enhanced video solutions.

Intruder detection
We can identify threats, assess vulnerabilities and determine potential impacts and consequences. Intruder detection deters and mitigates threats, it safeguards people, data, and property from criminal acts. Furthermore, our intruder detection manages and coordinates the response to criminal acts or other emergencies. Data centres also benefit from 24/7 monitoring services through our large network of alarm receiving centres.

Access control
We offer different access control solutions to fit the needs of data centre risk requirements. From medium or high risk areas such as specific security room access or server room access to low risk areas such as the building’s reception area. Every access point in a data centre environment can be fitted with its own control and can support fully integrated security solutions with complex process structures and high levels of security.

Biometric access to server rooms
For higher levels of security access, biometrics that are able to verify individuals based on a physical attribute such as a facial recognition are available. This unobtrusive and user-friendly technology simply scans the individual’s attributes to reliably restrict access to facilities and sensitive areas of operations.

Perimeter protection
Data centres are located in a wide range of buildings and perimeter protection forms the first line of defence everywhere. We offer a complete range of reliable and intelligent perimeter protection systems whatever the situation, both for indoor and outdoor security needs.