Life Safety Solutions


We offer the most comprehensive suite of fire detection and suppression systems designed to protect your employees and your customers data, as well as your assets and property by detecting fire at the earliest stage and preventing it from spreading.


Fire detection and alarm
Data centres are enclosed environments where unchecked overheating can result in the rapid outbreak of fire. Johnson Controls provides superior, universal smoke detectors which combine robust design and very early detection capability with unmatched false alarm rejection. Our detectors are designed to be both adaptable and flexible in order to protect against a wide range of potential fire risks.

Commanded by our ZETTLER Profile panel, the next generation of flexible, addressable panels which fit any requirements, our fire detection and alarm systems excellent performance and reliability thanks to the Fastlogic algorithm, which combines different sensor values to provide precise situational information.

Our panels can be clustered on a security network to ease the tasks of management and maintenance. Fire sprinklers / watermist extinguishing systems Water is an effective, recognised, and environmentally-friendly fire-fighting material. With their specially developed spray heads that react automatically to heat from a fire, our sprinkler and watermist systems enable an efficient release of water over a potential fire source, in line with your extinguishing or suppression objectives and environmental constraints. In addition, through the use of very thin water droplets, our watermist systems effectively protect your hardware against the feared ‘fuse effect’ that can occur in confined electrical equipment.

Clean agent fire extinguishing systems
Leveraging 130 years of experience with our industry-recognised Inergen system, we offer data centres excellent gas suppression systems that efficiently protect data and suppress fire at its very early stage whilst protecting equipment. The Inergen system uses a powerful combination of inert gases (including argon and nitrogen) to extinguish fires without any negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative power of its R&D teams, Johnson Controls was one of the first companies on the market to develop a silent nozzle that significantly reduces the noise caused by gas release, which also helps to protect data centre hard drives from further damage.