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Your data centre challenges addressed

Faced with expert challenges such as power management, cooling or security, organisations today increasingly look to outsource in order to manage data effectively. This has resulted over the past couple decades in the creation of ‘mega data centres’ being built by the IT and internet giants.

As data centres evolve from traditional, on premise, small scale server room environments to vast 15 MW purpose-built virtualised colocation facilities, the challenges of maintaining a fully secure, protected and available site are mounting.

This rapid growth in data creation, movement, storage and consumption, in combination with an absolute reliance on data centre availability comes with some big challenges.



Johnson Controls has a unique, comprehensive portfolio with integrated solutions. We are able to equip data centres with the right products and services to protect and safeguard them against these challenges. Our solutions help to reduce and prevent data centre downtime, improving the security of data and equipment, and protecting the environment. These operational demands must take place as efficiently as possible to help reduce costs and enable data centre providers to continue to evolve and grow.


From low-noise gas suppression systems to performant HVAC equipment and controls, our broad and specialised portfolio of integrated expert solutions delivers on our promise of enabling smarter, safer and more resilient data centres.